Spilling the Dye: The Color Buzz for 2023 with The Fabric Show

Spilling the Dye: The Color Buzz for 2023 with The Fabric Show

Oct 04, 2023Parker Burnham

Hey there, fabric enthusiasts! Ready to dive into the sea of 2023’s trending colors with us? With "The Fabric Show" leading the way, every shade has a story and, trust us, some of these tales are too good to miss.

Embracing Earth: Natural Tones are Having a Moment!

Isn't it cool how 2023 is all about bringing us back to our roots? Those terracottas, greens, and browns are giving us major cozy vibes. It's like Mother Nature herself is redecorating our spaces.

Mauve Moods: Because Elegance Never Goes Out of Style

Mauve is sneaking its way into 2023, and we're here for it! This dusky purple is like that classy friend who always knows what to wear. Timeless and chic? That's Mauve for you.

Bold and Unbridled: For Those Who Like It Loud

If 'subtle' isn't your thing, 2023’s electric blues and blazing oranges have got your back. Go ahead, make that statement!  Personally I am a big fan of red, and a vibrant red for that matter. Life is too short to not be a bit bold in your choices, especially when it comes to color.

The Gentle Embrace: Warm Neutrals, Cool Vibes

Who doesn't love a comfy, old sweater? Warm taupes, creams, and beiges are all about giving our spaces that snug, "I've been here forever" feel.

Drama Meets Peace: Best. Combo. Ever.

Picture this: bold colors and tranquil tones, side by side. It's the design equivalent of cookies and cream, and who doesn't love cookies and cream?!  A great example of this can be seen in our Bruges Velvet samples on the cover photo of this blog.  With a beautiful mix of Polyester and Linen, you get a great mix of colors in a high end and durable package.

A Riot of Expression: Be You, in Color!

Sprightly oranges, vivid blues, cheerful yellows – 2023’s hues are all about celebrating YOU. What’s your color story?

Alright, color explorers, here's the wrap-up: 2023 is all about colors that resonate, that tell stories, and let’s be honest, that look incredible. It's not just about hopping on the trend train; it's about picking the shades that make you think, "Yep, that's the one for me."

Ready to give your space a glow-up? As always, keep an eye out for our upcoming collections, where these color stories come alive. Here's to painting our worlds, one hue at a time.

Thank you or joining us here at Design Company Fabrics.

Until the next thread of the story...

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