Custom Digital Printing

You send us your design

Designs sent to 

preferred as a vector pdf or eps file

must be your own original artwork (copyright rules apply)

completed the design ownership form attached below

We mock-up the design for printing

Our talented design team will pattern match and color correct your design to make sure it is optimal for printing 

                  *set-up costs may vary depending on design requirements*

You pick a base cloth

we currently print on natural fibers (Cotton, Linen, etc.)

we have a great selection of cotton, linens, and cotton/linen blends

width varies from 54" - 60"

printing starts at $35/yd *price varies depending on base cloth*

2 yd print minimum

Printer works its magic

we print the highest quality with state of the art printing equipment.

all prints are run through a heat calendar to set the ink for maximum durability.

turn-around time is 3-5 days 

Custom fabric sent to you!

pick-up in-store at 2253 S 500 E, Salt Lake City UT

shipping available through UPS Ground *prices may vary*

Shipping only to Continental US