Introducing the Fabric Show Blog

Introducing the Fabric Show Blog

Oct 02, 2023Parker Burnham

Welcome to the inaugural post of The Fabric Show Blog, brought to you by Design Company Fabrics—a sanctuary for fabric enthusiasts, designers, and all who appreciate the artistry woven into every textile.

We're thrilled to lift the curtain on our brand-new series: "The Fabric Show." This dynamic series is a celebration of fabrics, where design stories unfurl and age-old traditions meet contemporary aesthetics.

What Awaits You in "The Fabric Show"?

Every Monday, "The Fabric Show" promises a visual and informational feast. Whether it's a deep dive into our latest collections, insights into fabric history, or a spotlight on design trends, we ensure a blend of knowledge and inspiration in each episode.

Highlights from Episode 1:

  • Exclusive Collections: We unveiled the opulence of our Zermatt - Linen fabric from the Apres-ski collection—a marriage of design finesse and luxury.
  • Woven Wisdom with Stephanie: Join Stephanie as she deciphers the enduring charm of velvet fabrics, emphasizing their beauty, durability, and versatility in modern design.
  • Bespoke Craftsmanship: Experience the meticulousness and passion embedded in every yard of fabric at Design Company Fabrics.
  • Industry Insights: Dive deep with us into the multifaceted fabric industry. From understanding fabric durability and examining current textile trends to exploring emerging color palettes and discussing real-world fabric usability cases, we keep you informed and inspired.

And, for those who missed it, we proudly presented our refreshed mid-century modern chairs, now graced by the Milan: Granite fabric (available for samples or purchase on our website.)

Bookmark our blog and set your reminders for "The Fabric Show" every Monday. Be it design insights, fabric tales, or a dose of inspiration you seek, we promise a captivating narrative every week.


Thank you or joining us here at Design Company Fabrics.

Until the next thread of the story...

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