Design Company Fabrics

Two Little Birds - Marigold


Introducing "Two Little Birds," a fabric that sings a tale of nature's serene beauty. This distinctive 90% cotton and 10% linen blend offers a canvas where elegance meets whimsy in a harmonious dance of design. Each 9x9 inch pattern repeat is a symphony of detail, featuring graceful cranes amidst flourishing flora and fluttering butterflies, all set against a warm, mustard/orange backdrop that invokes the golden hour of a countryside sunset. Perfect for crafting statement pieces that command attention, this fabric transforms any space into an artful sanctuary. Whether you're creating bespoke home accents or fashioning wearables with a narrative, "Two Little Birds" weaves a story in every thread.


Cloth: 90% Cotton/10% Linen

Width: 54"

Repeat: 9"