Design Company Fabrics

Two Little Birds - Green


"Two Little Birds," our enchanting fabric pattern, now blooms against an invigorating green background, offering a refreshing take on our classic design. This 90% cotton and 10% linen blend continues to tell a whimsical story where elegance meets the serene vitality of nature. Each 9x9 inch pattern repeat is a canvas of life, featuring stately cranes and delicate florals, intertwined with the gentle flutter of butterflies, all in harmonious existence. The verdant backdrop, reminiscent of a lush meadow, brings a new vibrancy to the intricate detail and artistry of the design. Perfect for creating statement pieces that radiate natural charm, this fabric transforms any space into a tranquil escape. Embrace the tranquility of "Two Little Birds" in green, and let it inspire a sanctuary of creativity in your next project.


Cloth: 90% Cotton/10% Linen

Width: 54"

Repeat: 9"