The Fabric Show

Episode 12 - DECOFAB Wrapped
Jan 24, 2024
In this special year-end episode of "The Fabric Show," titled "DECOFAB Wrapped," we take a moment to look back and celebrate our journey through the year. Join us as we highlight the milestones, innovations, and fabric wonders that made this year unforgettable at Design Company Fabrics.
Episode 11 - New Year's Fabric Fiesta: Dublin Collection and Festive Fabrics Unveiled!
Jan 16, 2024
Tune in to Episode 11 of "The Fabric Show" for a sparkling New Year's special! As we bid adieu to the old and welcome the new, we delve into the exquisite Dublin Collection – a range that beautifully blends tradition with contemporary flair. Discover the perfect New Year's Eve fabrics that will add glamour to your celebrations, and explore trendy fabric selections to kick-start your New Year with style. We're also dishing out exciting tips and ideas for incorporating festive fabrics into your New Year celebrations. This episode is packed with inspiration and fun New Year's topics you won't want to miss. Join us as we unwrap the fabric trends that will define the year ahead – it's a celebration of texture, color, and new beginnings!
Episode 10: Holiday Deals, Gift Ideas & Decofab Essentials Spotlight
Dec 29, 2023
Join us in celebrating a milestone - Episode 10 of The Fabric Show! In this festive episode, we dive into the final days of our exciting 23 Days of Christmas sale, offering you last-minute holiday deals you won't want to miss. As we commemorate our 10th episode, we're brimming with gift-giving inspiration, including our newly introduced gift certificates – the perfect present for fabric lovers. Plus, we'll take an in-depth look at our Decofab Essentials collection, with a special focus on our latest elegant pinstripes. Whether you're searching for that perfect holiday gift or looking to add timeless elegance to your fabric collection, this episode is packed with ideas and insights. Tune in for a blend of celebration, holiday cheer, and exclusive fabric highlights!
Episode 9 - Festive Fabrics and "Behind-the-Seams" Magic
Dec 29, 2023
Dive into the festive spirit with Episode 9 of The Fabric Show! In this episode, we're unwrapping the excitement around our '23 Days of Christmas' sale, offering exclusive insights into the fantastic deals on our stunning fabric collections. But that's not all – we're also shining a light on our convenient online and in-store gift certificates, perfect for the holiday season. Give the gift of choice and let your loved ones indulge in their passion for fabrics. Plus, don't miss our special 'Behind the Seams' segment where we take you on a fascinating journey through the creation of one of our most recent ads. It’s a peek into the creative process and marketing magic at Design Company Fabrics. Tune in for this blend of festive cheer and behind-the-scenes storytelling!
Episode 8 - Future Fabrics: Unveiling Upcoming Trends and Fresh Finds from the Fabric Show
Dec 29, 2023
Welcome to Episode 8 of "The Fabric Show," where we dive into the exciting world of emerging textile trends and share the highlights from the latest fabric show. Join us as Parker gives an exclusive rundown of the standout fabrics and patterns that caught our eye and are set to make a splash in the design world. From innovative textures to eye-catching patterns, we'll explore the future of fabrics and reveal what Design Company Fabrics is eagerly anticipating to bring into our collection. Whether you're a design enthusiast, a fabric connoisseur, or just curious about what's next in textiles, this episode is packed with insights and inspirations that you won't want to miss. Tune in to get a glimpse of the future of fabric design and the exciting additions coming to our store.
Episode 7 - The New Age of Advertising: Mastering Social Media in Textile Marketing
Dec 29, 2023
Welcome to Episode 7 of "The Fabric Show" where we unravel the dynamic world of advertising in the digital era. In this episode, we delve into the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, highlighting the pivotal role of social media in transforming how we promote textiles and design products. We explore effective strategies for harnessing the power of platforms, and discuss the art of crafting compelling narratives that resonate with our digital audience. Whether you’re a budding designer, a seasoned marketer, or simply curious about the digital revolution in advertising, this episode is woven with information that will enrich your understanding and approach to online marketing.
Episode 6 - Color Speaks: The Emotional Palette of Textiles
Dec 29, 2023
In Episode 6 of The Fabric Show, we drape ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of colors. Join us as we explore the emotional depth and cultural significance of the hues we so often take for granted. From the therapeutic reds of ancient Egypt to the tranquil blues that painted the Renaissance, color has been a powerful storyteller throughout history.
Episode 5 - Unwrapping Linen's Rich History and Exploring the Best of Our Open House
Dec 29, 2023
In this episode of The Fabric Show, hosts Parker and Stephanie take you on a fascinating journey through the ancient origins and modern significance of one of the world's oldest textiles: linen. Join us as we delve into linen's spiritual significance in ancient Egypt, its prominence in the Roman Empire, and its use in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Parker will also demonstrate the beauty of our custom-printed linens with an Aspen print demonstration. Plus, Stephanie gives you a sneak peek into our vibrant open house event, where we unveiled our latest collections and celebrated the history and future of our store. Don't miss out on this enriching episode that combines historical wisdom with modern design inspiration!